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Canadian connected to the suicide deaths of many young people

by | Aug 29, 2023

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On August 25, I published an article about Kenneth Law, a Canadian man who is being investigated by UK authorities for aiding the suicide deaths of at least 88 people.

On May 9, 2023, CTV News Videojournalist, Jon Woodward reported that Law, 57, was charged with two counts of aiding and abetting the deaths of people in the Peel Region, allegedly through the online sales of a legal substance, sodium nitrite,  that is lethal in high concentrations.

Law allegedly sold the substance online for the purposes of aiding suicide. Law is believed to have sold 1,200 packages of the suicide substance online.

On August 27, Woodward provided an updated report that was carried by CP24 on the investigation into Law.

Woodward reports:

The British mom of a TikTok star is coming forward demanding justice after she found out her daughter died using a so-called suicide kit allegedly sold by a Canadian man, as deaths possibly tied to Kenneth Law rise to over 100.

Louise Nunn said it was sickening to learn that the death of her daughter, Imogen, known as “Deaf Immy” to her 710,000 TikTok followers, was one of 88 British people local police say died after ordering products from Law’s websites over a two-year period.

Nunn said it was heartbreaking to learn of other deaths months and years before Imogen’s, and believes many lives could have been saved if authorities had acted earlier.

“I can’t even say how angry it makes me feel. It’s sickening. Why did they let it go on for so long? They could have stopped this a long time ago,” Nunn said.

Law appeared for a bail hearing on Friday August 25, 2023 and pled not guilty. Woodward reported:

Police in Canada have warned about the websites, allegedly run by Mississauga’s Kenneth Law, who faces two charges of aiding and abetting suicide. Peel Police said at the time of his arrest that they had tracked some 1,200 products to 40 countries.

Law, once a chef at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel, and a former engineer, has said that he’s not responsible for what people do with his products and has denied the charges. He briefly appeared at a bail hearing on Friday and remains in custody.

Woodward reported that the youngest victim connected to Kenneth Law was 17.

Many of those who died were in their 20s, according to family members. The youngest was 17-year-old Anthony Jones in Michigan. The earliest known case is a 21-year-old named Jaden, who died in February 2021. His family said they went to police in B.C. almost two years before Imogen Nunn’s death.

Imogen Nunn died suddenly in January, 2023 and the family didn’t know how she died until the toxicology report confirmed that she died from the suicide substance.

Law claims that he had no control over what people did with his suicide packages. Law was selling a legal product, but he was packaging it in a lethal dose and he was promoting and selling it for the purpose of suicide. 

Editor’s note. This appeared on Mr. Schadenberg’s blog and is reposted with permission.

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