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Girls under 16 will get abortions without parents knowing if Western Australia law change passes

by | Aug 22, 2023

By Right to Life UK

Girls in Western Australia will be able to get an abortion without their parents knowing if a Bill before the state’s Parliament becomes law. 

New law to allow abortions without parental notification

The current law in Western Australia requires an under-16 year old who is still living at home or is dependent on a parent or guardian to inform said person if they are considering an abortion. The parent or guardian must also take part in the conversation between the under-16 and the doctor. However, the final decision still remains with the child.

Now though, the state’s Parliament is considering a Bill that will make extreme changes to abortion legislation including removing these requirements from the law. 

Parental consent still needed for ear piercing

In Western Australia, a child under 16 needs the written consent of a parent or guardian in order to have his or her ears pierced. Similarly, tattoos are illegal for under 16s and require written consent from a parent or guardian if the minor is aged between 16 and 18. Additionally, the age of consent in the Australian state is 16. 

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “It is baffling that parental consent is needed for a child to pierce their ears but, if this Bill passes, a child will be able to get an abortion without their parents even knowing. 

“In the case of having their ears pierced, a child is doing something minor to their own body. In the case of an abortion, a person under 16 is doing something major to their own body and would be deciding to end the life of another person. The proposed law implies that it is of greater significance for a child to have their ears pierced than to have an abortion. 

“This is evidently untrue. Legal requirements should reflect the gravity of a decision and the choice to end the life of an unborn child is certainly a very grave one”. 

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