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Gríma Wormtongue Sways Shapiro Government

by | Aug 8, 2023

By Remil Teny, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

If you have watched The Lord of The Rings, you must be familiar with Gríma Wormtongue, the snake tongued advisor, who whispers poison into the ears of the king, weakening his resolve to rule justly. The effect of Planned Parenthood’s whisperings into our Governor Shapiro’s ears is certainly evident in his latest announcement to defund Real Alternatives – an organization that provides real alternatives to abortion by offering maternity and baby care, counselling, adoption referrals and pregnancy resources.

The greed of evil lies in this: not only does it demand to exist but insists that good be destroyed for its sake. While the government pressroom celebrated the retiring of Real Alternatives contract as a “Major Win For Women’s Health,” it begs the question: how is this a win for women seeking to continue their pregnancies if their funding is taken away and given to those who have vowed to kill their babies for them?

Seeking counsel from providers of death in his first week in office, Shapiro has continued to advance their agendas in the name of “women’s healthcare.” Pregnancy Help Centers do more for pregnant mothers than Planned Parenthood ever has. Women who choose to bring their babies into this world deserve care and support from those who care for them and their children.

Real Alternatives centers do that.

To this day, the State of Pennsylvania has modelled what pregnancy resources can do for expectant mothers and has seen the benefit of having a state-funded program that helps families thrive. Breaking “the pattern” that has been recognized by both parties over the years, is both unnecessary and unhelpful to thousands of women across the Commonwealth.

Governor Josh Shapiro declared, “Pennsylvanians made clear by electing me as Governor that they support a woman’s freedom to choose, and I will be steadfast in defending that right” (emphasis added).

Do you think he knows that women choose pregnancies if help is available?

While we continue to fight this injustice, would you join our efforts to urge the Governor to reconsider retiring Real Alternatives’ Contract? You can send a message to PA State Representative and Senator here or email the Governor here.