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How are you liking the August issue of NRL News?

by | Aug 14, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

So, how much of the August issue of National Right to Life News have you had time to read? Believe me, if you haven’t been able to carve out much time, I completely understand.

I wrote about the issue the day it came out. Here’s another summary of some of the tremendous content.

In addition to our customary in-depth examination of state legislation, federal legislation, and judicial outcomes we carried many touching human interest stories including

  • A wonderful story written by Bonnie Finnerty about the powerful “Instinct to Mother.” I highly recommend Bonnie’s lovely account.
  • In the same vein, Maria V. Gallager tells us about how “The arrival of twins can rock a mother and father’s world. But it also represents double the laughter… double the joy…and double the blessings.” Maria reminds us, “They were as human in their mother’s womb as they are today, months after birth.”
  • Ashlynn Lemos writes a “Heartwarming Story: Mother at 15 Now Earns Doctorate From UCLA.”  Sonia Betancourt’s daughter, Stephanie, wrote a touching tribute to her mom that was published on the UCLA nursing website.
  • There a touching story about how a driving instructor rescued two abandoned babies, an infant and a toddler, outside a High School in Madison Heights, Michigan. And
  • From Right to Life UK comes “Little fighter’ Zaylan, born 16 weeks early, heads home from hospital.” After a 181-day stay in hospital, baby Zaylan Reed is finally going to join his parents,

That just sampling of why you hopefully can carve out some time to read the August issue of the “Pro-Life Newspaper of record

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