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Maine pro-lifers to focus on electing pro-life candidates rather than gathering signatures for a constitutional provision allowing repeal legislation through a statewide vote

by | Aug 10, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

On July 19, Maine’s radically pro-abortion Gov. Janet Mills signed LD 1619 whose permissive language allows abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy. While a typical headline downplayed how extreme the legislation is–“The bill would expand abortion access to later in a pregnancy”—the truth is “LD 1619 creates a subjective standard empowering the abortionist to justify any abortion after viability,” according to Maine Right to Life. “Governor Mills’ bill removes current language that allows abortion for a woman’s life or health and replaces it with language that would allow abortions in the second and third trimesters because of an abortionist’s opinion.”

David Sharp of the Associated Press confirmed that LD1619 “allows abortions at any time if deemed medically necessary by a doctor, making the law one of the nation’s least restrictive.”

Yesterday was the deadline for initiating a so-called people’s veto initiative, “a constitutional provision allowing citizens to repeal legislation through a statewide vote,” Sharpe reported. “To move forward, more than 67,000 signatures would have been needed.

Sharpe noted “that allies have decided to focus their resources on electing candidates who are opposed to abortion instead of collecting signatures and running a referendum campaign.”

“At the end of the day, we want to put our effort into the most effective place possible,” Republican Rep. Laurel Libby said Wednesday. “That means flipping legislative seats, she said, particularly in the Maine House.”

She told supporters, “We must continue to build on our efforts over the last six months and mobilize our Speak Up For Life community as we transition from the legislative battle to campaigns and candidate support,” Libby said. “Together, we will begin to reclaim our state, one House district at a time.”

The vote in the Senate for LD 1619 was not close: 20-11.  In the House, however, it was much tighter: 73-69.

Prior to the vote, Karen Vachon, executive director of Maine Right to Life, said that Gov. Mills was returning a favor to the Planned Parenthood abortion chain, which “spent millions buying elections in Maine and around the country.”

“Pro-abortion leaders have lied repeatedly about their true intention,” Vachon said. “During the campaign in 2022, they were content with the law the way it was. In January, they announced they would propose a narrow expansion to address specific instances of tragic fetal disease and debilitation.

“Now they’ve moved the goal post once again, proposing abortion on demand, with no limitations to the point of birth.”

Maine lawmakers will consider a constitutional amendment to protect abortion still further  when they return to the State House in January. “In Maine, a constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature before the matter can be put to voters,” Penelope Overton reported for the Press Herald.

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