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New school year, new lessons…and an updated prolife school curriculum supplement

by | Aug 3, 2023

By Right to Life of Michigan

August is such a great month. In Michigan, the flowers are bright, the weather usually good, the lakes warm. For small towns, the season for founder’s day parades, fairs, and festivals is in full swing. Families get together and take vacations. Fall sports begin gearing up, and for Detroit Lions fans, hope springs eternal.

For children, they know school is just around the corner, and they are trying to soak up every last bit of summer possible. For teachers, they know it’s time to head back to school even sooner to prepare for another year.

We have a prolife school curriculum supplement, Life Lessons, for all ages that can help teachers and parents who understand the importance of kids learning about the value of human life—and the value in protecting life.

Life Lessons is a series of 13 lesson plans which can be incorporated easily into any curriculum. Every lesson is connected to a Michigan curriculum standard. So, it’s not only good for homeschooling parents and private schools, but also possible to implement many of the included lessons in a public school setting.

Our Life Lessons resource is available for free and can be downloaded and printed for your use in helping reach the next generation with a life-affirming message.

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