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Planned Parenthood Performed 1,200 Abortions Daily in 2021, According to its Latest Annual Report

by | Aug 2, 2023

By Samantha Farnsworth, Texas Right to Life

Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood released its infamous Annual Report for 2021-2022. Most of this report is just propaganda, used to elicit donations in lamenting their losses and celebrating their victories. But at the very end, they list out exactly how many of each “service” they rendered during the year, as well as report their financials.

This is where they truly show their hand

In 2021, Planned Parenthood took the lives of 374,155 preborn children through abortion. Since most Planned Parenthoods are closed on Sundays, this means they killed roughly 1,200 children every single day in 2021.

This high number of abortions was accompanied by just 1,803 adoption referrals, amounting to 207 abortions for every single adoption referral. For every pregnancy that they help carry to term with prenatal services, they forcibly end 60 pregnancies. This disbursement of services shows where the abortion giant’s true priorities lie. 

It gets even more obvious. Each year, Planned Parenthood offers more abortions to fewer clients. Ten years ago, the abortion corporation was regularly seeing 3 million clients annually, with around ten percent of them getting abortions. But in the last couple years, they have only seen just over two million clients, while still committing MORE abortions than ever before. Now, one in every 5 or 6 clients is there solely for an abortion.

Over the last 15 years, the non-abortion services have been decreasing at a stunning rate. Total contraceptive services have decreased by 40%. Cancer screenings have decreased by 75%. Prenatal services have decreased by a whopping 85%. 

One interesting outcome in the report is that Planned Parenthood performed around 10,000 fewer abortions in 2021 than they did in 2020. This is strange, especially considering that abortion was less accessible in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, some of this dip is attributable to the Texas Heartbeat Act. For the last four months of 2021, Planned Parenthood in Texas was unable to offer abortion beyond the detection of a child’s heartbeat at any one of its eight facilities in the state that offered abortion.

This is not the time for the Pro-Life movement to quit. Even now, Planned Parenthood continues to operate in Texas as an “abortion travel agency” to send pregnant women out of state to end the lives of preborn children.

Clearly, the Pro-Life movement is gaining ground. But Planned Parenthood is more pro-abortion than ever before, and they are only getting worse. While this past year has marked great victories for our cause, the Pro-Life movement across the country must not back down and rest.

We must fight harder than ever against this force of evil and counteract the shocking new ways they seek to end preborn children’s lives.