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Yes on Issue 1: Making a Difference in Ohio

by | Aug 1, 2023

By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director

The pro-abortion movement is on a warpath.

Last year, they lost big at the Supreme Court in Dobbs vs. Jackson. Their candidates went down in defeat in Ohio’s nationally watched elections for Governor and U.S. Senate. At the State Capitol in Columbus, they failed to stop the passage of greater protections for unborn children and their mothers across the state.

Now, they are pursuing a new strategy: Exploit Ohio’s easily manipulated ballot initiative process to enshrine unlimited abortion in the Ohio Constitution.

In response, National Right to Life is partnering with Ohio Right to Life (our state affiliate), local chapters, and other pro-life organizations on the ground in Ohio to combat this threat.

We urge all pro-life Ohioans to vote YES on Issue 1 by or on Tuesday, August 8th.

By voting YES on Issue 1, we can increase the threshold of votes required for a ballot measure to pass from 50% to 60%. This will make it harder for the abortion lobby to achieve their desired outcome in November. Moving forward, Issue 1 will help to safeguard the Ohio Constitution from being subjected to the political whims of the day.

We have seen how these initiatives typically go. The pro-abortion effort will be well-funded, and they will have overwhelming support from the media, big-name celebrities, and large corporations. They will disseminate misinformation and propaganda to hide from voters just how extreme their agenda truly is. They will spread outright lies about Ohio’s pro-life progress, pro-life elected officials, and citizens like you who believe every human life is precious and deserves to be protected. This is not how policy should be made, especially with the lives of countless babies hanging in the balance.

Please vote YES on Issue 1Election Day is August 8th but early voting has already begun. If you know you will be on vacation or out of town on Election Day, you can vote absentee. Make a plan to vote in advance. Figure out NOW how you will get to the polls, what time you plan to go, what you will do if there is inclement weather, if you will need to get coverage at work, and so forth.

Once you have made your plan to vote, there are several other ways that you can contribute to this important effort. Here are just a few:

Reach out to pro-life friends and family. Summer is a busy time with vacations, family reunions, summer camps, and more. It’s very easy to have an August election slip by. Many eligible voters may not know what is at stake or even that there is an important election taking place across Ohio on August 8th. Personally reaching out can make all the difference in motivating friends and family members to vote.  

Post your support for Issue 1 on social media. For more information on Issue 1 and content you can share, visit:

Encourage a pastor, or other leaders in your faith community to publicly share information about Issue 1 and the threat to life posed by the looming pro-abortion ballot initiative. While churches cannot endorse candidates for elected office, they CAN raise awareness about ballot initiatives. Pastors CAN (and should) speak about life issues from the pulpit, and they CAN invite their congregations to participate in elections. (Another idea is to contact the individual who puts together your church bulletin and request that they print information about Issue 1.)

Volunteer your time. There are numerous opportunities to get involved if you have some spare time including door-to-door canvassing, making phone calls, serving as a poll worker or watcher, and more. To sign up, fill out the volunteer form on Ohio Right to Life’s website:

Donate to National Right to Life and/or Ohio Right to Life. We deeply appreciate all you do already to support the pro-life movement. If you feel that you are in a place that you can donate a few dollars to help our organizations continue and expand our life-saving work, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

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Ohio Right to Life:

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