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Did YOU Know Sometimes Babies Survive Abortions?

by | Sep 12, 2023

Editor’s note. This appears in the September edition of NRL News. Please share this with friends and family

Did you know that every state in our wonderful country has abortion survivors? They may not be known to the public yet, they may not be known to themselves yet, but they are there. It is estimated that 85,817 infants have been born alive after failed abortions since 1973, and the average number of abortion survivors each year is approximately 1,734.

Regardless of what the pro-aborts, press, and some politicians say, sometimes, babies survive abortion. They make it out alive. They have a story to tell, and we need to make sure those stories are heard. And we can help each other with this task.

Below is information that can help your state organization and help the Abortion Survivors Network as well.  See below for several valuable resources and information.  Take a moment and sign up here to receive the newsletter of the ASN. 

See the latest in a continuing series of videos, telling the stories of survivors and learn how we can work together and help each other. Watch the video here: and help spread the word by sharing on social media!

Here is a one pager on the month (September) and promoting September as Babies Survive Abortions Awareness Month.

If you need help or have questions, please contact Emily with the Abortion Survivors Network here: 

Check out the link below and make sure your House Members have signed onto the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R.26) and if they haven’t, get calls going in asking them to sign on.  This is an important bill!

Thank you for all you do. And remember, sometimes, babies survive abortion. Sometimes, their stories don’t end with the abortion. Sometimes, that is where they begin. 

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