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NBC’s Welker Attempts to Fact Check Trump Live, Fails Miserably

by | Sep 18, 2023

By Kevin Tober

Newly-minted Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker was off to a poor start during her first day at the helm Sunday when during her exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump she became the latest member of the leftist media to deny Democrats support for killing babies in the womb in the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. The fact that it’s in the 2020 Democrat Party platform doesn’t seem to matter to leftists like Welker. 

Not only were Welker’s facts wrong, but her questioning was biased too. Her first question in this portion of her interview was about how pro-life legislation is somehow putting the lives of women at risk. 

Trump’s response was uncharacteristically conciliatory. “I did something that nobody thought was possible and Roe v. Wade was terminated and put back to the states. Now people, pro-lifers have the right to negotiate for the first time,” Trump said.

“They had no rights at all because the radical people on this are really the Democrats that say after five-month, six months, seven months, eight months, and even after birth, you’re allowed to terminate the baby,” he added. 

“Democrats aren’t saying that. Democrats are not saying that,” Welker falsely claimed. She then doubled down on trying to make Trump feel guilty about this mythical scenario where women’s lives are somehow at risk because unborn babies (many of whom are girls) are being saved: “Does it bother you though that women say their lives are being put at risk? Do you feel you bear any responsibility because as you say you are responsible for having Roe v. Wade overturned?”

Trump doubled down because he knew what he was saying is accurate (and probably because he knew it annoyed Welker): “We brought it back to the states we’re going to have people come together on this issue. They’re gonna determine the time because nobody wants to see five, six, seven, eight, nine, months, nobody wants to see abortions when you have a baby in the womb.”

“Again, no one is arguing for that, that’s not a part of anyone’s platform, Mr. President,” Welker huffed. 

Trump added that “The Democrats are able to kill the baby after birth and nobody wants that.”

“Democrats don’t want that either,” Welker cried before moving on to another question. 

Throughout the pre-taped interview Welker cut out and went live to “fact check” Trump, but where’s the fact check of Welker’s lies and false claims? Other than NewsBusters, nobody is correcting her disinformation.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.

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