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Nevada is the new abortion hotspot

by | Sep 27, 2023

By Melissa Clement, Executive Director, Nevada Right to Life

Recently, our Democratic-controlled legislature passed a measure extending abortion protections to people who come to Nevada from other states where an abortion might be illegal. It bans our state agencies from helping other states who are investigating, and it also prevents medical boards and commissions that oversee medical licenses from disciplining doctors who provide abortions.

According to recent reports, Nevada Planned Parenthood has witnessed a startling 37% increase in abortions, largely attributed to individuals from neighboring states seeking these services in Nevada. Do you think our state should continue to let women from out-of-state receive abortions in Nevada?

Democrats do not care about the sanctity of life. We must prioritize the protection of innocent lives over revenue generated from out-of-state patients seeking abortion services.

We firmly believe in the irreplaceable worth of every human being, regardless of age, stage of development, or geographic origin. Our state is quickly becoming a destination for those seeking to terminate innocent lives, and that is not right! Do you agree that abortion tourism in Nevada should be stopped?

Let Democrats know how the people of Nevada feel. It’s time to stop putting out-of-state interests above our own.

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