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Protecting Unborn Babies & Their Mothers from Chemical Abortion

by | Sep 21, 2023

“There’s a war on women!” Or so the pro-abortionists and their friends in the mainstream media seem to scream every chance they get.

On this point, we can agree. There is a war on women, but it’s not being waged by the pro-life movement, as the abortion industry and the media would have everyone believe. It’s being waged by the abortion industry itself.

And since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs last year that reversed Roe v. Wade’s deadly legacy, the abortion industry, the media, and pro-abortion politicians alike have doubled down on their war against mothers and their preborn children. They’ve made it abundantly clear they don’t care about preborn children, but now they’re putting their callous disregard for mothers on full display.

Gone are the days of the talking points about making abortion “safe, legal, and rare.” Gone are the days of hiding behind euphemistic “pro-choice” rhetoric. Gone are the days of advocating for “access” to “reproductive health” (which was always code for abortion).

Now, they are unapologetic in their advocacy for unrestricted abortion for any reason. And, if they had their way, using tax dollars to pay for it. And they’re willing to sacrifice the lives of the women they purport to care about in order to make their dystopian dream a reality.

Look no further than their crusade to distribute deadly abortion-causing pills as far and wide as possible. They want to prescribe these pills via webcam or send them through the mail without regard for the potentially deadly consequences the mothers taking these pills may experience.

Since the FDA made chemical abortions available in the United States 23 years, ago, we know of at least 28 women who have died. And thousands of women have suffered serious complications, including blood loss requiring transfusions and severe systemic infections.

Studies have shown the safety concerns about chemical abortion were ignored and that more women have complications, and more women show up in the emergency room needing surgical treatment for bleeding or to deal with incomplete abortions than the abortion industry will admit.

Prescribing a chemical cocktail to a woman who is perhaps hundreds of miles away, not being there to help if there are complications, is not pro-woman.

At the end of the day, all the abortion industry cares about is their financial bottom line. And they don’t care about the lives they destroy to protect their billion-dollar balance sheet.

National Right to Life has long been at the forefront of fighting chemical abortion. We alerted the world to the dangers of chemical abortion, and led a national boycott against the manufacturer, when the first pills were created in France in the 1990s.

We’ve worked with our state affiliates to pass laws protecting mothers by blocking abortionists from prescribing these chemical abortions via webcam (or “telemedicine abortions.”) In states where a majority of abortions remain legal, laws like these have the capacity to continue saving lives while we continue to work for more comprehensive protections for mothers and their children.

Currently, 22 states have laws stopping webcam abortions and requiring the abortionist to be present and in the same room as the mother before they can prescribe these deadly pills (the laws in Iowa, Kansas, Montana, and Ohio are currently enjoined).

And, most recently, we’ve produced the enclosed factsheet about the dangers of the abortion pill — information that should be in the hands of every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy; information that every pro-life activist should have at their fingertips; information that has the capacity to save countless lives.

None of these efforts — from public education and awareness about the deadly effect of these pills to the public policies that protect mothers and their preborn children from an abortion industry — is possible without your support.

If we’re going to continue our efforts to pass laws protecting women from webcam abortions, and expand our efforts to educate Americans about the deadly consequences of abortion pills, we need the financial resources you provide to make all of our work possible.

That’s why I’m writing today: to ask all of our loyal members to help us with a $50 contribution to help us fight back against the abortion industry and their efforts to spread these deadly pills nationwide. We don’t have the same billion-dollar war chest that Big Abortion has. There’s no government funding subsidizing our operations. But we do have the truth on our side. And, thankfully, we have you to help our efforts.

Please know that every gift — from $250 to $100 to $35 or any amount — will be put to effective and efficient use. Or perhaps you’re blessed to give $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even $5,000 and help us protect more mothers and save even more precious unborn babies.

The Dobbs decision changed the landscape in the fight for life and restored our power to protect the most defenseless members of our human family. But we need to continue standing together if we’re going to seize every opportunity to advance our cause and build a society that welcomes every human life and makes abortion unthinkable.

Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for your ongoing support of National Right to Life and for inspiring us to never stop. Thank you for being a voice for God’s most defenseless children.

For THEIR lives,

Carol Tobias, President

P.S. Please copy and distribute this factsheet about the abortion pill freely. You may also order copies of this and other factsheets and materials, online at

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