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Take Action: Reproductive Health Act Introduced in Michigan Legislature

by | Sep 7, 2023

By Right to Life of Michigan

On September 6, the Reproductive Health Act was introduced in the Michigan House by pro-abortion Democrat legislators. The bill package calls for the repeal of many commonsense abortion regulations, regulations which continue to enjoy the broad support of Michigan citizens, including the majority of those who voted for Proposal 3. (See poll here.)

The “Reproductive Health Act” or “RHA” includes removing the following: Abortion clinic licensing regulations, informed consent provisions which include a 24-hour waiting period, the Medicaid funding ban, partial-birth abortion ban, born alive infant protection law, humane disposal of fetal remains, abortion reporting, and more. It also redefines “abortion” in state law as a medical treatment and removes the term “elective.”

Finally, it codifies into state statute the language of Proposal 3 creating a statutory right to abortion (in addition to the constitutional right) and allows for civil penalties for entities who infringe on those rights.

Previously introduced RHA bill packages from 2019 and 2021 called for the repeal of parental consent related to a minor child seeking an abortion as well. While the removal of parental consent is not currently in the package, the proabortion leadership has stated its intentions of eventually repealing the law.

Now is the time to take immediate action by reaching out to your state legislators, no matter their political affiliation, and tell them to vote NO on the Reproductive Health Act.

Please take a few minutes to reach out to your Senator and Representative.

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