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A monument to the exploitation of women and the destruction of precious babies now mercifully reduced to a pile of rubble

by | Oct 16, 2023

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

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Dave Andrusko, Editor, National Right to Life News Today

A picture is worth a thousand tears.

That’s the sentence that popped into my brain as I viewed the demolished remains of Hillcrest, the long-time Harrisburg, Pennsylvania abortion center. No doubt many thousands of tears have been shed by families grieving the loss of loved ones sacrificed in the now crumbling edifice.

I remember the fierce winds which would howl along Hillcrest’s perimeter as women would enter the building’s doors. My friends and I would offer comfort and support to those women and male companions who would take a minute to stop along the sidewalk or in the alley behind the facility.

Prayers would ascend to the heavens as cars rolled into the parking lot next to that outpost of misery. Each car represented at least one innocent human life which would be lost forever in Hillcrest’s hall of shame.

A few years ago, an inspection report by the Pennsylvania Department of Health revealed more than 40 pages of health and safety violations. More than 40 pages. It could have been a book-a tale of horror and greed and neglect and violence, all within walking distance of the state Capitol.

I remember downloading that report on my computer and feeling a flame of anguish inside me. I alerted a local television news reporter, known for her work detailing health inspections at restaurants. Fortunately, the intrepid journalist quickly understood the scope of the scandal and filed a damning news report.

A group of Pennsylvania state Senators wrote a letter to the PA Health Department, demanding that Hillcrest be shuttered. Eventually, operators of the disgraced facility voluntarily surrendered their abortion license.

The building has stood vacant for years-a monument to the exploitation of women and the destruction of precious babies. Now, it is mercifully being reduced to a pile of rubble.

The demise of Hillcrest is a testament to the importance of regulation inspections of abortion facilities, the steadfastness of the pro-life movement, and the triumph of justice and perseverance.

Goodness can indeed prevail in the end.

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