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All Hands on Deck!

by | Oct 4, 2023

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This appears in the October edition of National Right to Life NewsPlease share this valuable information from the “Pro-Life Newspaper of Record” with your family and friends.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!” Or another way to put it, “All hands on deck!”

The coming year is going to be pivotal for the future of preborn children and their mothers, and every pro-lifer is needed. Let me lay out a few possible scenarios.

Scenario 1

Joe Biden, or someone just as rabidly pro-abortion, is elected president. Our tax dollars continue to flow to national and international agencies that promote abortion as a method of birth control, in the US and around the world.

Various departments, such as Defense and Veterans Affairs, continue to ignore federal statute and provide resources for abortion; the Food and Drug Administration removes all restrictions on the abortion pill, allowing it to flow into homes with no medical oversight or reporting of complications.

Pro-abortion Democrats retake control of the U.S. House and pass radical anti-life legislation. Pro-abortion Democrats maintain control of the U.S. Senate with enough votes to remove the filibuster, setting the stage for a federal law with no limits on abortion up to birth.

Abortion activists are successful in amending state constitutions which prevent the passage of pro-life laws to save babies.

Scenario 2

A president is elected who will use the position to protect preborn children when and where possible. President Biden’s anti-life executive orders, along with rules adopted in various administrative departments, will be rescinded. His “whole-of-government” approach to ending as many innocent lives as possible will be reversed and the government will, instead, enact policies to protect the little ones.

Pro-life candidates are elected and maintain pro-life control in the U.S. House, leading to the passage of pro-life legislation. We hold enough seats in the U.S. Senate to prevent pro-abortion Democrats from eliminating the filibuster and passing the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act.

We defeat pro-abortion efforts to amend state constitutions to allow unlimited abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason.

A third scenario could be somewhere in the middle, but scenarios One or Two could very well happen. What can make the difference between which one comes to pass?


We need absolutely every pro-lifer in the country to be involved to affect the election outcome next year. Work in your communities to educate others about where the candidates stand on life. If there is a pro-abortion ballot measure in your state, work to make sure it doesn’t pass.

For those states who aren’t faced with a constitutional ballot measure, you can’t sit on your hands because they’re coming for your pro-life candidates.

Whether it’s a message via social media or talking to people one-on-one, handing out pamphlets or donating to groups like NRLC and our affiliates, giving talks in churches or handing out informational flyers at a local social club, we need to reach every corner of every state to bring out voters who love life.

Last year, six states had constitutional measures on the ballot regarding the protection of preborn children– pro-lifers lost all six. Those who support the wanton killing of preborn children think they have found the magic bullet– putting the issue on the ballot with the help of billionaires and friendly media advocacy.

Two more states, Maryland and New York, will definitely have similar measures on the ballot next year. Nine more states are targets for next year, and that number could continue to grow.

We certainly can’t forget elections this year. Ohio voters will decide next month (November) whether to amend their state constitution to allow unlimited abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy. Encourage any Ohioan you know to vote NO on Issue 1.

Voters in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi will hold elections for statewide offices. Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia will hold elections for legislative offices.

If you live in those states, or know others who do live there, make sure the pro-life vote is getting to the polls or returning their absentee ballot.

The 2024 election cycle will be, unquestionably, the toughest election we have ever faced. And we need to be ready. Please, start clearing your schedule now and be prepared to participate in the fight for Life.

For those thinking, “I am already so overworked or so involved in other activities, I’m not able to add more to my plate,” that’s why we need you. You are a go-getter and know how to accomplish much.

Every one of you is a necessary part of the pro-life body. Each of you has a vitally important role to play.

Babies’ lives are on the line. We can hold that line and continue our push forward to protect the babies and help their mothers, or we could experience a coming slaughter of innocents not seen in a very long time.

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