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Doctor who saved premature baby is rescued by him 30 years later

by | Oct 16, 2023

BY Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

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Dave Andrusko, Editor, National Right to Life News Today

Over thirty years ago, a premature baby boy named Chris Trokey was given a fifty percent chance of survival. Doctor Michael Shannon, based in San Clemente, California, worked tirelessly to keep the 3.2-pound infant alive.

Fast-forward to March 29, 2011, and the preemie returned the favor. Now a firefighter-paramedic, Trokey helped rescue Shannon from his burning SUV after he was hit by a semi-truck on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, California.

Their latest reunion, four years after their dramatic encounter, was at a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer research charity in Rancho Santa Margarita. KTLA’s video of the sweet event has over 20,000 “likes” and counting, warming the hearts of thousands who are in awe of their serendipitous story.

Shannon believes that things happen when they are meant to and that he sees examples of this almost daily in his life and practice. Trokey had no idea who he was helping when he responded to Shannon’s crash. He only found out when he went to the hospital and started talking about it.

During Shannon’s 45-day recovery at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, the men bonded anew. Trokey praised Shannon’s knowledge and care, calling him one of the most knowledgeable and caring pediatricians he had ever met. Shannon has been a pediatrician for 42 years and continues to love his work and helping his patients.

Their story is one only God could orchestrate.

Trokey had no idea who he was rescuing, and Shannon did not know who was rescuing him. Yet, in a strange turn of events, the two reunited and strengthened their bond. Their friendship has touched the hearts of many and serves as a reminder that God blesses us with gifts in the most unexpected ways.

Their story has come full circle, with Shannon now taking on Trokey’s child as a patient. Trokey expressed his gratitude, stating that he could not imagine taking his son to anyone else. The two men’s serendipitous story continues to inspire and captivate many.

Their friendship and bond are a testament to the idea that even in the most unexpected of circumstances, we can find support and care from those we least expect.

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