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House Speaker Mike Johnson is a man of deep faith and principle who knows how to get things done

by | Oct 26, 2023

By Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

Mike is a great friend and lawmaker who relentlessly defends life, liberty, and the rule of law and works tirelessly to promote fiscal responsibility and peace through strength.

As the son of a firefighter who was critically burned and disabled in the line of duty, Mike knows all about service and sacrifice.

He is a man of deep faith and principle who knows how to get things done. As an attorney for nearly 20 years, Mike helped with landmark legislation at the state and local level. In the Louisiana Legislature, he served as Vice Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and on the Select Committee on Leadership.

Here in the House, Mike’s experience as Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference shows that he has what it takes to unite House Republicans so we can continue our work in passing individual, single-subject appropriations bills that rein in wasteful government spending and our work to secure the southern border.

On his first day on the job as Speaker, the House is reaffirming our overwhelming support for Israel as it defends itself from the cowardly Hamas invasion and the barbaric attacks by psychotic terrorists.

I congratulate Mike on his new role as House Speaker and look forward to continue working with him to build a strong economy, create a safer nation, protect our freedoms and hold the US government accountable.

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