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Louisiana Right to Life October 2023 Election Recap!

by | Oct 23, 2023

Congrats to Gov. Elect Landry!

LARTL Federation Endorses Liz Murrill for Attorney General 

By Louisiana Right to Life

Congratulations to our friend and pro-life champion Jeff Landry on his election! Jeff Landry won the Gubernatorial election outright, garnering 51.6% of the vote, avoiding a runoff with abortion proponent Shawn Wilson.

Landry took a leading role in defending our pro-life laws, ensuring that all three abortion facilities closed after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. He has been an ally to the pro-life movement for many years. We are excited for the future for life under Governor Landry!

Louisiana Right to Life Federation (LARTL) is also thrilled to announce our endorsement of Liz Murrill for Attorney General. As Solicitor General, Liz has passionately defended Louisiana pro-life laws in both state and federal court, including before the U.S. Supreme Court. In fact, due to Liz’s work of going above and beyond for life, LARTL presented Liz with the 2022 Leadership for Life Award.

Her opponent, Lindsey Cheek, is an extreme pro-abortion candidate and supports abortion on demand. If elected, she will be the most pro-abortion Attorney General in Louisiana history. Louisiana could expect that Cheek would be the same type of Attorney General as Kamala Harris was in California. It is incredibly important we get out the pro-life vote again on November 18th!

Pro-life candidates were also the top vote recipients in the races for State Treasurer (John Fleming), Secretary of State (Nancy Landry), and Lt. Governor (Billy Nungesser).

In addition to the success for the pro-life movement in statewide elections, the Louisiana Legislature became more pro-life than it was before the primary election. A number of newly-elected candidates in both the House and Senate are more pro-life than previous members.

Upgrades in the House of Representatives

  • In Gretna, Vincent Cox, endorsed by LARTL, replaced resigning pro-choice independent Rep. Joseph Marino, who had a 44% Pro-Life Record.
  • In Mandeville District 89, there is a run-off between Josh Allison and Kim Carver (a long-time adoption advocate), who have both been endorsed by LARTL and are expected to be 100% legislators. One of them will replace Rep. Richard Nelson, who had a 93% Pro-Life Record.

Upgrades in the Senate:

  • In St. Charles Parish in District 19, Rep. Gregory Miller, a 100% pro-life representative endorsed by LARTL, replaced term-limited Senator Gary Smith, who had a 94% Pro-Life Record.
  • In District 22, Blake Miguez, a strongly pro-life representative with a 100% pro-life record, won election and is replacing the term-limited Senator Fred Mills, who had a 97% Pro-Life Record.

Rick Edmonds of Senate District 7 and Alan Seabaugh of District 31 also won election, adding strong pro-life voices to the Senate.

Key Run-Offs to Watch

  • In House District 18, which includes New Roads, Rep. Jeremy Lacombe has an 80% pro-life voting record. He is up against Tammi Fabre, a candidate endorsed by LARTL and who is expected to vote 100% pro-life.
  • In House District 75 in Bogalusa, John Wyble, endorsed by LARTL, is running against Kelvin May. If Wyble wins, he is expected to vote 100% pro-life. He would replace outgoing Rep. Malinda White, who had a 97% pro-life voting record.
  • In House District 90 in Slidell & Pearl River, Rep. Mary DuBuisson has an 77% pro-life voting record. She is up against Brian Glorioso, a candidate endorsed by LARTL and who is expected to vote 100% pro-life. Rep. DuBuisson was the only Republican legislator to vote against the main pro-life law in 2022.

Our voter guide will be updated soon for the November 18th election!

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