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Michigan State Senate Brazenly Pushes Through Dangerous Reproductive Health Act, Threatens Removal of Longstanding Health and Safety Protections for Women and Children

by | Oct 20, 2023

Senate Passage Flies in the Face of Overwhelming Public Support for Retaining a Women’s Right to Know through Informed Consent and Abortion Health and Safety Regulations

LANSING, MI – Pro-abortion Democrats in the Michigan State Senate have attempted to push their counterparts in the House to pass the dangerous Reproductive Health Act. While the bills are currently stalled in the House due to concerns related to many of the hastily crafted provisions, the Senate passed central elements of the bills by a 20 to 18 vote.

This brazen action comes on the heels of new polling data from the Marketing Resource Group, LLC (MRG) which demonstrates overwhelming support for longstanding legal protections for women seeking an abortion, protections now threatened by RHA passage. (MRG MI Poll, Fall 2023, October 2-8, 2023, MOE 4%)

“Today’s vote demonstrates there is no pro-abortion measure too extreme for the abortion lobby in Michigan and their advocates in the State Senate,” stated Barbara Listing, President, Right to Life of Michigan.

“The voices of Michigan voters are a clarion call to our elected leaders to protect a woman’s right to be fully informed about the risks associated with abortion and to uphold basic health and safety standards related to abortions for women and girls. We urge our State Representatives to vote no on these dangerous bills which run contrary to the will of Michigan voters.”

The RHA removes informed consent and 24-hour waiting period protections, strips abortion clinic licensing regulations, including regulations that ensure clinic hallways are wide enough for EMS workers and a stretcher in the case of an emergency, eliminates the requirement for sanitary humane disposal of fetal remains, removes transparency for the abortion industry by eliminating abortion reporting, and more.

Currently, the bill to eliminate the barrier to using taxpayer dollars to pay for other people’s abortion is stalled in the State House and not included in the Senate package of bills.

New polling data released Monday from MRG demonstrates overwhelming support for existing regulations threatened by central portions of the RHA:

72% of Michigan voters want the 24-hour waiting period with allows for informed consent to remain in place. This is up from 63% in May; and

A stunning 95% of Michigan voters support abortion clinic health and safety regulations. This is up from 90% in May. (See the full polling results here.)

The bills will now head to the house for consideration. Right to Life of Michigan implores all Michigan state representatives to VOTE NO on the Reproductive Health Act in an effort to protect a woman’s right to know and hold abortion clinics to basic health and safety standards for medical care.

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