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MISSION CRITICAL- America’s Defining Battle for Life in 2023: How to Stop the State by State Spread of Abortion

by | Oct 25, 2023

By Ohio Right to Life

Thank you so much to the over 2,600 of you who joined us last night for our MISSION CRITICAL- America’s Defining Battle for Life in 2023: How to Stop the State by State Spread of Abortion webcast!

Learn from speakers including:

  • Governor Mike DeWine
  • Savannah Marten, President of the Ohio Pregnancy Center Coalition
  • Marjorie Dannenfelser- President, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America
  • Kristan Hawkins- President, Students For Life of America
  • Jeanne Mancini- President, March for Life
  • Carol Tobias- President, National Right to Life Committee
  • David Bereit- Host, The David Bereit Show
  • Bishop Daniel E. Thomas- Diocese of Toledo, Ohio
  • Peter Range- CEO, Ohio Right To Life
  • Aaron Baer- President, Center for Christian Virtue
  • David Yost- Ohio Attorney General
  • David Forbes- Pastor, Columbus Christian Center
  • Molly Smith- President, Cleveland Right to Life
  • Mark Harrington- President, Created Equal

Why is November 7th so pivotal?

Ohio is our frontline, gearing up for a monumental showdown against Issue 1 — the abortion industry’s audacious attempt to introduce the most extreme pro-abortion law in our nation.

The ripple effect of Ohio’s decision — two weeks from today — will be felt nationwide.

This isn’t merely Ohio’s battle; it’s a defining moment for America.

And every single one of us can play a part, no matter where we live.

This is our moment. Together, let’s seize this opportunity and champion LIFE.

  1. Pray with us — We also host a Friday prayer zoom call at 3 pm at Ohio Right to Life. Contact us at or email Rachel del Guidice, Director of Communications at ORTL
  2. Make calls for an hour a day from the comfort of your own home or knock doors for an hour on the weekend. Please go to to join us in going phone banking and door-to-door efforts to get the word out about Issue 1.
  3. The Left is outspending us and we need your sacrificial gift to reach every television and home and family in the state of Ohio. Go to to donate!

A note to all church leaders and pastors: Please see this newly released video from Alliance Defending Freedom on why churches are not only free to, but should, get involved in opposing Issue 1.

Last but not least…Read the Protect Women Ohio Pulse here.

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