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Pregnant and considering an abortion, Angela Harders describes the phone call with a crisis pregnancy worker that gave her hope

by | Oct 31, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

It’s not often that saintly pregnancy help centers are appreciated for the massive contribution they make to women facing an untimely pregnancy. Most of the stories about pregnancy help centers (also known as crisis pregnancy centers) accuse them of a laundry list of “misinformation” and (far worse) that they don’t perform abortions!

But as Susanne Maynes writes

We’ve been helping disadvantaged, under-resourced people for decades. And we’ve done it without relying on funds from government programs. 

We’ve witnessed countless clients find hope, break out of negative patterns—even generational ones—and gain a whole new perspective on life.

A positive story, quoted above, from Pregnancy Help News, is not unexpected. But “Pregnant and thinking of abortion, Maryland woman describes the phone call that changed her life: Crisis pregnancy worker gave Angela Harders hope: ‘God is choosing to give you a life’” is a refreshing change from the usual blather.

Christine Rousselle writes about Harders, co-founder of PAX Ministries, which is intended “to spread God’s message of faith and freedom in every area of life and for every age of life,” according to her bio.

Harders posted a near five-minute-long TikTok video on October 23 “about an earlier experience in her life.”

She had posted the TikTok video responding to the prompt, “What’s one small unimportant decision that you made that changed the whole trajectory of your life?”

Rousselle wrote, when she did, Harders “did not think it would be viewed by about half a million people.” Or “that it would spark emotional conversations about empowerment, grit — and life’s unexpected challenges.”

Harders said she became pregnant as a result of sexual assault. Even though her father was a vice president of a local pregnancy center and she had been taught the value of human life, Harders not only considered an abortion but made an appointment.

“You can imagine my horror when I, the girl who had never dated before, the good Christian girl, found myself pregnant,” she said. “And even though I was pro-life, my gut reaction was to schedule an appointment at Planned Parenthood for that Friday afternoon.” 

But two days before her appointment

Harders decided to call a pregnancy center in a different state, fearing that she would be recognized if she called anyone nearby. 

When the woman at the pregnancy center answered the phone, all Harders could do was cry, she said. 

“She let me cry, and she just said, ‘Oh, honey, I’m here with you on the phone whenever you’re ready,'” said Harders.

“She said to me, ‘Sex doesn’t make babies, God does,'” recounted Harders. The woman gently noted that many people who actively try to have a baby cannot. 

The woman at the pregnancy center also said to Harders, “And for some reason, God is choosing to give you a life out of this terrible circumstance.” 

The woman’s words sparked an “overwhelming sense of peace,” said Harders — and she realized the woman was correct. 

The morning of her abortion appointment, Harders called to cancel it.

The difference between how she was treated by the pregnancy center versus by Planned Parenthood was “staggering” to her, Harders told Fox News Digital 

“With the first call that I had [with the crisis pregnancy center], I hung up the phone feeling hopeful, empowered,” she said, even though she was still very nervous and afraid to continue the pregnancy.”

How had a Planned Parenthood employee responded, knowing from the beginning that Harders was a Christian?

“She said, ‘Angela, you know that if you go through with [the pregnancy], you will never be able to travel again, or be a missionary, or do any of those other things that you said you wanted to do. We can take care of this problem for you so you can live your life and fulfill all the dreams that God has given you,’” Harders related. 

Her eyes welled up in tears in her TikTok video.

And because I canceled that appointment, nine years ago today, not only am I still able to travel the world and do all the things that the lady at Planned Parenthood said I would never be able to do — now I get to do it with the most incredible human being that I’ve ever known.”

There is much more to Angela Harders’s story. You can read Christine Rousselle’s story here and watch the Tiktok video here.