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Reiterating bogus claims, 16 Pro-abortion Attorneys General issue Open Letter accuse Crisis Pregnancy Centering of spreading “misinformation and harm”

by | Oct 26, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

On Monday California’s pro-abortion attorney general Rob Bonta and attorneys general from 15 other states published an open letter accusing crisis pregnancy centers of spreading “misinformation and harm.”

In a video that ran last month, Bonta called it “horrifying” that “there are more crisis pregnancy centers in California than abortion care clinics,” because pregnancy centers “do not provide abortion or abortion referral.”

Californians have, for all intents and purposes, an absolutely unimpeded “right” to abortion. What drives people like Bonta crazy is that there are more women-helping centers than there are abortion clinics. “While less than 62% of counties have an abortion clinic, nearly 80% have a crisis pregnancy center, according to a database compiled by CalMatters,” Kristen Hwang reports. “In rural areas where there are acute primary care shortages, the centers outnumber abortion clinics 11 to two.”

In the eight page letter issued October 23, Bonta et al. argued that CPCs harm patients by “[delaying] pregnant people from accessing critical reproductive healthcare—by dissuading pregnant people from seeking abortion care and by frequently holding themselves out as full spectrum healthcare providers when most of them are anything but.” 

In addition to charging CPCs with themselves not providing the “full-scope of reproductive healthcare” [abortion],” the 16 AGs accused CPC of “actively aim[ing] to prevent people from accessing abortion care.”

Throwing in every pro-abortion cliché, the AGs hammered CPCs for promoting abortion pill reversal services—APR: “CPCs also commonly promote and administer an unproven and potentially risky medical protocol, ‘abortion pill reversal.’” 

In addition, the letter also claimed that CPCs provide “misleading information” by saying that abortion can often result in what they called a “fictitious condition,” known either as “post-abortion syndrome” or “post-abortion stress,” as well as “grief and regret.”

As the Catholic Vote noted, “This is not the first time that Bonta has targeted abortion-pill reversal resources. In September, Bonta filed a lawsuit on behalf of California against Heartbeat International, an international organization that supports crisis pregnancy centers and offers abortion pill reversal services.”

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