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State Denominational Leaders Denounce Abortion Industry Ad, Urge Christians to Oppose Issue 1

by | Oct 26, 2023

Protect Women Ohio coalition member, Center for Christian Virtue (CCV), issued the following press release

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, Ohio Christian and denominational leaders released an open letter opposing Issue 1 and denouncing the abortion industry’s ad suggesting Christians should support the extreme constitutional amendment.

The letter is signed by a group of prominent Ohio denominational leaders who come from a variety of backgrounds but together call on Christians to courageously vote no on Issue 1. The leaders emphasize the lies and misinformation surrounding the amendment and call out the abortion industry for using faith to mislead Christians into voting for the amendment.

“We should not mistake the lies surrounding this amendment for the truth,” the group writes.

Issue 1 backers have falsely stated that pregnant women cannot receive care for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, a claim that was directly refuted by the Ohio Department of Health.

“If Issue 1 is adopted, the most innocent among us will suffer. Issue 1 will allow late-term abortions in Ohio and result in unspeakable pain for unborn babies,” the leaders state. “It will make Ohio one of the most extreme states in the country for abortion and eliminate health and safety standards that exist to protect women.”

In a recent statewide ad, Governor Mike DeWine expressed his concerns with the amendment, saying that it will go “way too far.” The Toledo Blade editorial board, which noted support for abortion in a recent editorial, also echoed concerns with the amendment’s extreme provisions writing, “This amendment to the state constitution goes too far and should be defeated.”

The denominational leaders noted that while they have important theological differences, they agree that Issue 1 is too extreme for Ohio. The group urges fellow Christians to be discerning as they see the abortion industry’s lies about the amendment and to vote no on Issue 1.

The letter is available here.

In a recently released video, Alliance Defending Freedom CEO, President & General Counsel Kristen Waggoner encouraged Ohio church leaders to boldly engage in the fight for life and openly oppose Issue 1. Watch her message below, or by clicking here.

Background on Issue 1

This extreme anti-parent amendment is just the latest example of the ACLU’s war on parental rights. Background on the ACLU’s war on parents is available HERE. The ACLU has a long and well-documented history of fighting against parental rights, including in Alaska and Indiana. The ACLU specifically calls out parental involvement on its website, saying it would restrict “teenagers’ access to abortion.” Heritage Action recently released a report and video about the ACLU’s attacks on parental rights in Ohio. In recent weeks, the ACLU has denounced parental notification requirements in schools, and the ACLU of Ohio’s chief lobbyist confirmed that stance on Twitter.

A legal analysis of the extreme anti-parent amendment is available HERE from constitutional scholars Carrie Campbell Severino, President of Judicial Crisis Network, and Frank J. Scaturro, a former special counsel to the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.

To download a copy of the document explaining what churches can do in elections, or to order free nonpartisan materials on Issue 1, visit

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