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Celebrating National Adoption Month

by | Nov 15, 2023

By Right to Life of Michigan

Happy National Adoption Month! November is dedicated to celebrating the life-affirming option of adoption. This month, we are honoring families who have opened their hearts to children. We are inspired by the countless forever families built on selfless acts of love and a welcoming heart.

Along with November being National Adoption Month, it is also Michigan Adoption Month. To celebrate this, Michigan courts across the state hold educational events, finalize adoptions, and honor adoptive families on November 21. Michigan Adoption Day is just in time for Thanksgiving which happens to be two days later, on November 23. This means that children and their new parents and siblings get to spend their first holiday together, giving thanks that they have been brought together for this journey we call life.

According to the Michigan Supreme Court, there are 10,000 children in foster care this year with 250 of those children available for adoption. 1,600 children are expected to be adopted in 2023. While the road may not have been easy for these children and parents, they were eventually able to find a loving family through adoption. Unfortunately, many are not given the opportunity to know or find a loving family. In 2022, 30,130 abortions took place in Michigan. For every child needing to be adopted, there are 36 families waiting to complete their family.

It is important that we continue to remind our families, friends and neighbors that adoption is a loving, life-affirming option to abortion. Adoption has also changed substantially from years past, with many agencies offering open adoption, known as Domestic Infant Adoption. This means a birth mother is able to select the family to adopt her child. It also opens the door to a relationship with the child in the days and years ahead.

Every year during November, Right to Life of Michigan strives to share real-life personal stories from Michigan families who have been impacted by adoption. Tricia and Scott courageously shared their adoption story with us a few years ago. You can find their inspiring story on our website here. This year, we extend that offer to you! If you or someone you know has an adoption story or has been impacted by adoption in any way, we would love to hear about it and potentially share it on our website and social media. Please send your story to

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