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Here’s our plan to save the 12,000 in Minnesota— and how you can help

by | Nov 14, 2023

By Scott Fischbach, President, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL)

THIS YEAR has been terrible for life in Minnesota. After the legislature passed a range of extreme pro-abortion measures this spring, we learned that abortions shot up 20 percent in 2022. Upwards of 2,000 more babies died than in the previous year. And with lawmakers cutting funding for abortion alternatives and revoking protections for unborn and newborn babies, things could get even worse before they get better.

Why there’s hope

But we have reason for optimism. For one thing, we helped stop some other anti-life measures at the legislature this year—measures to repeal our parental notification law, create a board that would ration care for the vulnerable, and more. These successes showed that, even when facing a pro-abortion majority at the Capitol, your efforts in reaching out to lawmakers do make a difference. We are not powerless! Another cause for optimism is this: Minnesotans don’t support what the legislature and governor just did. No poll shows that Minnesotans want unlimited abortion-up-to-birth. None. Instead, polls show that a clear majority of Minnesotans favor at least some protections for unborn children and their mothers. When folks learn what has happened, they are shocked.

A three-part strategy

Still, restoring protections won’t be easy, and there’s no time to waste. That’s why MCCL has developed a dynamic three-part strategy we’re implementing over the course of the next year. First, we’re working to rebuild a pro-life culture in our state by expanding our educational outreach efforts to connect with more people in new ways. Second, we’re focused on blocking anti-life bills in the next legislative session, which starts in February, and strengthening pro-life policies. We expect a monumental fight, and we must be ready.

Third, we’re looking ahead to the 2024 elections next fall, when pro-lifers have a chance to win back a majority in the Minnesota House. The election results could determine whether abortion extremism is further entrenched in Minnesota—or whether we can begin to build back commonsense protections for innocent human life.

Come to your meeting

But all of this begins with our new “Save the 12,000” meetings that aim to save the 12,000 unborn babies who die from abortion each year in our state. A rebranded and expanded version of our Fall Tour, the “Save the 12,000” meetings are about equipping and energizing you, our pro-life members, to share information with others, engage in dialogue with those on the other side, and take practical steps to protect life.

We need you to be a part of this campaign. Make sure to check for the latest list of scheduled meetings, and contact MCCL to help set up a meeting in your area if there isn’t one already. When you come to your local meeting, please bring several others with you. The more Minnesotans we reach through these meetings, the more quickly we will change the culture and save the babies!

A powerful demonstration in January

Our “Save the 12,000” campaign will lead up to the annual MCCL March for Life on Jan. 22, 2024. But this year’s event will be different from past Marches: It will include an unforgettable visual commemoration of the 12,000 lives lost to abortion last year. We know that this powerful public demonstration will launch us into the legislative session and campaign season ready and inspired to make a lifesaving difference.

But remember this: We can’t protect the vulnerable unless we all work together— through our actions and our prayers—to make it happen. So please take part in our “Save the 12,000” campaign. Mark your calendars for our special March for Life on Jan. 22. And consider donating to offset the costs of all of our outreach.

Pro-lifers don’t give up. Your faithful conviction and compassion are the best reason for pro-life optimism in Minnesota. Thank you for partnering with us in this mission!

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