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‘Love Says It Is Good That You Exist’

by | Nov 15, 2023

By Micaiah Bilger

The other day I stumbled on a new blog and found a beautiful quote by Joseph Pieper, a German Catholic philosopher.

“Love says it is good that you exist.”

It really struck me. The blog post wasn’t about abortion, but the quote really says a lot about the issue.

How many times have you heard abortion portrayed as a compassionate choice for the child?

He may be born into poverty. She may be abused. He may never be able to function on his own. She may be bullied because she’s different. He may die right after he is born. She may never enjoy life like other children because of a disability. Abortion is the compassionate approach for these children; we don’t want them to suffer.

It may seem ridiculous to you and me, but many people see abortion this way.

When you describe love the way Pieper did, you acknowledge the hardships of life. Yes, there is suffering and pain. No, no child’s life is perfect.

But if we want to be a loving society, shouldn’t we start by first protecting a child’s very existence?

Editor’s note. Micaiah Bilger wrote this fine essay when she was education director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

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