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Nate and Lisa Herr on Why They Are Voting No on Ohio’s “Issue 1”

by | Nov 3, 2023

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Ohio Right to Life has released the story of Nate and Lisa Herr, an Ohio couple who chose life for their son, Danny, despite his fatal prenatal diagnosis.

November 7th is just 4 days away, and Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are working overtime to pass Issue 1, which would legalize painful abortion up to the very moment of birth here in Ohio. Issue 1, if it passes, will also eliminate a parent’s right to know if their underage child is considering an abortion or even sex change operation.

Even though doctors said it was unlikely Daniel would survive birth, he lived for a precious 22 hours and was able to meet his parents, and his five older siblings. 

“Nate and Lisa’s unique story shares a perspective that is often overlooked,” said Peter Range, CEO of Ohio Right to Life. “Even in circumstances where a child might not survive birth or for long past being born, their life still holds infinite value. Those children are worthy of our love. Ohio must be a state that recognizes and protects life. We urge every Ohioan to vote no on Issue 1 to protect unborn lives, particularly those lives in the third trimester of pregnancy which are in danger if Issue 1 passes.” 

Watch and share the video HERE.

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