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Pro-abortion Democrats Push Abortion Amendment as Their First Goal in 2024 General Assembly

by | Nov 20, 2023

By Virginia Society for Human Life

Wasting absolutely no time. Virginia Pro-abortion Democrats have begun the push to make abortion up to birth legal with no protections or regulations. Today Senator Jennifer Boysko, D38, and Del. Charniele Herring, D-4, introduced a “Right to Abortion” amendment in both chambers of the Virginia general assembly that would prevent any rational bills to protect unborn children or their mothers from an unregulated abortion industry in the Commonwealth.

The amendments, HJ 1 and SJ1, which Democrats promised to introduce during the recent elections, are deceptively labeled as an effort to protect “fundamental reproductive freedom.”

However, similar amendments in other states have historically proven to be, at their core, the removal of any protections for women or minor daughters, and for unborn babies.

In Virginia, this would mean the removal of the parental consent law and partial-birth infanticide law as well as ultimately requiring Virginia taxpayers to fund all abortions under Medicaid programs.

Perhaps the most shocking of all will be that unlimited abortion would become legal through all nine months-up until birth as it has in New York, Vermont, and California.

“It is obvious that the new Democrat majority in Richmond has no regard for the unborn children who will be killed because of this amendment. This amendment would interpret any common-sense protective regulation, including safety rules about who may perform an abortion, as burdensome,” said Olivia Gans Turner, VSHL president.

“So, we must ask ourselves, are the Democrats more concerned about protecting the abortion business in Virginia that supported their campaigns, or the women and girls who may seek abortions here?” said Turner. “They certainly don’t intend to protect their babies.”

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