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Roe Reversal Saved 32,000 Babies From Abortion, New Study Shows

by | Nov 29, 2023

By Kim Schwartz, Communications Director, Texas Right to Life

A recent study revealed that abortion bans have saved over 32,000 babies from abortions in the first half of 2023 alone.

This encouraging statistic suggests a noteworthy increase in childbirth across states with Pro-Life laws, emphasizing the life-saving impact of abortion bans.

The Institute of Labor Economics, in a report published last Friday, presented a comprehensive analysis indicating that states with total abortion bans experienced an average increase of 2.3% in births during the initial six months of 2023.

Texas saw an even greater surge at 5.1%.

This translates to approximately 32,000 additional annual births attributable to the impact of abortion bans, as compared to a control group of states where abortion remained legal.

The study’s findings gain further significance with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe in June 2022. Given that abortion has been illegal in some states for a year and a half, the actual number of babies saved from abortions is likely higher than the reported 32,000.

Critics recently argued that abortion bans are not actually protecting preborn children to any significant degree because women can travel to other states or order pills from illegal websites. The new analysis disproved that notion, showing that 20-25% of women chose life for their baby instead of having an abortion thanks to the bans.

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