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She wanted to place her child for adoption, but she had found no one to help her

by | Nov 27, 2023

Adoption: the loving option and a promising alternative to the finality of abortion.

By Maria Gallagher Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

She was a teenager from down south, who had come to my Midwestern state to stay with her aunt for the remainder of the pregnancy.

At the time, I was a pro-life coordinator at my church, and that is where our two worlds met.

A mutual acquaintance connected us by phone. I remember the deep frustration in her voice as she recounted all of the dead ends she had encountered. My heart immediately went out to her.

It just so happened that I knew a lovely couple who wanted to adopt. They had earlier adopted a baby boy, and he was the sunshine of their lives.

They gave me the name and phone number of their adoption attorney, and I referred the young woman to the lawyer.

I later found out that a law prevented the couple from adopting a baby so soon after their first adoption. Still, the attorney was able to help guide the teenager onto the road of placing her baby for adoption.

As we celebrate National Adoption Month, we recall all those families formed not by blood, but from the heart. They are our relatives, friends, and colleagues, and they deserve our support.

Let us work at streamlining adoption and making it more affordable for families. It is a loving option and a promising alternative to the finality of abortion.

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