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Unconstitutional Bill That Would Hurt Women Passes Pennsylvania House

by | Nov 20, 2023

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 1786, a dangerous bill that would prevent women from seeking justice if they have been harmed by a Pennsylvania abortionist operating in another state. The bill could create a haven for future Gosnells, harkening back to the days when West Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell caused the death of a female immigrant patient in his abortion facility House of Horrors. The bill passed 117 to 86, with a number of Republicans joining all but one Democrat in supporting the ill-conceived bill.

The bill’s backers claimed that it would prevent women seeking abortions in other states from being punished. But the bill would actually hurt women by blocking them from seeking justice in cases of malpractice. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has always recognized the fact that women who undergo abortions are often pressured to do so and are clearly victimized, as are their babies. 

To find out how your state representative voted, please visit:

If your state rep voted against House Bill 1786, please take the opportunity to thank him or her. Also, the bill now moves to the PA Senate, so be sure to ask your state Senator to vote against it. If you need contact information, please email Legislative Director Maria Gallagher at .

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