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Video tells loving story of a brother with Down syndrome

by | Nov 1, 2023

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Music is a language all its own—one that can stir the heart, illuminate, and even educate.

Certainly, the power of music to tell truths often lost in translation is on full display in country music artist John Paul Von Arx’s music video “He’s Different.” This captivating video tells the story of his brother Sam, who has Down syndrome.

“My hope for the music video for ‘He’s Different’ is to bring hope to parents expecting a baby with Down syndrome and express my solidarity with families of people with special needs,” John Paul said. “Far too often, there is a stigma surrounding people with special needs and I want to combat and eliminate it and show their dignity to the world.”

John Paul notes that the music video has been widely embraced by the pro-life, country music, and Down syndrome communities. He and his wife Sarah have received a substantial number of messages from a wide variety of people who have been touched by the video’s message.

“Some of the most touching for me personally have been emails that I have received from brand new parents of babies with Down syndrome. These emails have consistently expressed gratitude and relief that their story is being told and how this project has given them a sense of hope and even a renewed sense of gratitude for the gift of raising their son or daughter with Down syndrome,” John Paul added.

John Paul and Sarah have also received messages from people who have lost a beloved son, daughter, or sibling with Down syndrome. “The music video, for this demographic, brought back many fond memories and a bitter-sweet remembrance of these loved ones. It has been incredibly humbling to receive so many messages from people telling me about their loved ones with special needs,” John Paul said.

Based in the Ohio Valley/Pittsburgh area, John Paul has been involved in country music for 10 years. His goal is to “give audiences of all types a top-notch, fun and engaging performance as well as inspire them to hope in the goodness of the gift of life.”

And what would he like the world to know about his beloved Sam?

“I’d love for the world to know that Sam’s dignity, as well as the dignity of every other person on the planet, does not lie in our abilities or status or wealth or IQ, but rather in the fact that all lives are sacred and our dignity comes from God. Sam is the best reminder of God’s love for His people,” John Paul said.

You can view the video here ( ).

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