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Why we will ultimately prevail: The Pro-Life side stands on a mountain of truth

by | Nov 9, 2023

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

When you advocate for innocent human life, you have to be prepared to defend your position—anytime, anywhere.

That truism hit home for me this week, when a man started yelling questions to me from his car. He had surmised where I work, and he proceeded to interrogate me about how many babies we help, how many we adopt, and what we are doing for children in Texas. (Since I live in Pennsylvania, this question was a bit far afield, but I know the great work that is being done in the Lone Star state on behalf of pregnant women and their children, so I was able to handle the query).

I finally asked him, “Sir, have you been hurt by abortion?” That caused him to pause. He then, inexplicably, answered that he had been hurt by a woman’s refusal to have an abortion. This is where we have come as a society—a man openly calling for the taking of life!

He continued to shout as he pulled out of the parking lot, out of earshot.

I have to believe that he is suffering from a deep emotional wound and was striking out against what he thought would be an easy target. But, having been trained in pro-life apologetics, I was able to answer each of this objections to our life-saving, life-changing work.

I prayed for the man—that his heart would be healed and that he would embrace the cause of life. Stranger things have happened—after all, Dr. Bernard Nathanson committed tens of thousands of abortions before he became an outspoken pro-life advocate.

The point is, the pro-life side stands on a mountain of truth. No amount of pro-abortion double-speak can really topple it. In the end, truth and justice will win out when our society wakes up to the fact that a culture of life is far more attractive than a cesspool of death. 

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