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Your vote in Virginia these last four days can save the lives of unborn babies

by | Nov 3, 2023

By Olivia Gans Turner President, Virginia Society for Human Life

It can’t be stated any more clearly.  Saving the lives of unborn children depends on what we do in the next few days.  Early voting ends at 5pm on Saturday Nov 4th. Election Day is November 7th and it is the last chance this year to help Virginia change course on abortion and finally begin to pass some pro-life protections.

News outlets are all running stories about how these elections may change the debate on abortion throughout America, not just in Virginia, depending on who holds the Senate and House of Delegates on November 7th.

Pro-abortion Democrats continue to spread misinformation and lies about what pro-life Republicans will do if elected. Sadly, there are no pro-life Democrats running for the General Assembly this year.

Use the next few hours wisely and help spread the word to your friends.

This editorial clarifies the lies behind all the pro-abortion ads filling our TV screens as Election Day nears.

Don’t be fooled.

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