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Another Canadian Patient Euthanized After Inability to Access Prompt Oncological Care

by | Dec 19, 2023

By Wesley J. Smith

Euthanasia is becoming a substitute for actual care in Canada. Earlier this month, cancer patient Dan Quayle was euthanized after being unable to obtain an oncologist to treat his condition. We’ve seen the same paradigm with people with disabilities unable to access prompt supportive services.

Now, a 67-year-old grandmother, Samia Saikali, opted for a lethal jab after waiting ten weeks to see an oncologist for her aggressive cancer. From the Chek News story:

After a trip in December 2022, Saikali felt something was wrong.

On March 17, she received a diagnosis of inoperable stomach cancer. Her surgeon told her she had two options: Without treatment, she had only three to six months to live. With chemotherapy, it would add at least a year to her life.

“She said I’ll do what I can, like, I will do treatment and fight for as long and hold on for as long as I can,” said Baker. “I want to have the summer, at least, with you girls. We had so many plans. But she started to go downhill so quickly with the gastric cancer.”

It took 10 weeks to get in to see an oncologist.

By then, she had only weeks to live.

“It should not have taken that long, because that was the difference, especially an aggressive cancer,” said Baker. “Between my mom being strong enough to handle, and withstand, treatment to give her a fair shot at more months to live, versus not.”

Euthanasia mixed with socialized medicine is an abandoning combination. What a disgrace.

Editor’s note. Wesley’s great columns appeared at National Review Online and are reposted with his permission.

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