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Attacks on SB 20 continue as US District Judge places injunctions on two key pro-life provisions

by | Dec 6, 2023

By North Carolina Right to Life

US District Judge Katherine Eagles has granted a preliminary injunction blocking two important provisions in The Care for Women, Children and Families Act. NCRTL sees this as another tragic reminder of how the abortion lobby ignores both the life of the unborn child and the lives of women.

Firstly, Judge Eagles has stopped the provision that abortionists be required to do an ultrasound on women prior to prescribing the chemical abortion pill, mifepristone. This provision was in place to rule out possible ectopic pregnancy, which is a life-threatening condition, but even more so if the woman takes an abortifacient drug.

The FDA has warned that one of the contraindications to the abortion pill mifepristone (Mifeprex) is the presence of ectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Bill Pincus, President of NCRTL notes that, “On the FDA’s own website, it reports 28 deaths from mifepristone, from 2000 to July 2022. There are 97 reported ectopic pregnancies but keep in mind that from 2016 until now, the only adverse effect reporting that was required was maternal death; no other adverse events were reported. So, we don’t know how many more potentially dire ectopic pregnancies involving mifepristone there were during that 7-year timeframe.”

Requiring an ultrasound prior to prescribing the abortion pill also ensures that the woman is actually pregnant. But seeing the unborn child alive and moving in an ultrasound image is not what the abortion lobby wants. Citing ‘vagueness’ and “not provid[ing] a clear standard by which providers can make this determination,” Judge Eagles has put women’s health behind specious concerns for the abortionist.

Secondly, Judge Eagles has placed an injunction on the provision that was about to go into effect this October 1, which would have required abortions past 12 weeks be performed in a hospital. 

It is well documented that risks for life threatening complications to the mother rise as the gestational age of the baby increases, and we know that abortion clinics transfer women to hospitals when complications arise. Abortion clinics exist to terminate a pregnancy, and take the life of an unborn baby – they do not have the capacity to deal with life-threatening situations as they occur for the woman. Thus, the requirement that second and third trimester abortions occur in the hospital setting.

The abortion lobby shows yet again that they are not as concerned with women’s health as they claim to be. If they were, they would be seeking to place women in the safest possible situations that give them the most amount of knowledge, certainty and “choice” when it comes to their pregnancy and their unborn baby. But what seems to fuel their interests is a dead baby, even at the expense of the mother’s health, and in some cases, her life.

Dr. Pincus notes that “Healthcare is the art and science of improving and saving life, not the destruction of the most innocent of all – the unborn baby”.

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