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Biden and the legacy media: Are they close to trying to force him not to run for a second term?

by | Dec 20, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Last post of the day will be addressing one of my favorite topics. No, not our pro-abortion President Joe Biden’s slip-sliding down the job approval scale although that’s always encouraging. Nor is it the rapidly disintegrating coalition that elected him in 2020, although it’s incredible how Blacks, Hispanics, and even young people are abandoning a ship that is clearly taking on water.

Rather it’s the legacy media’s pretend shock and amazement at the “discovery” that Biden is in deep, deep trouble. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey points to the usual media heavyweights who have treated Biden with kids gloves are suddenly pointing to the President age, as if suddenly the clock has sped up.

“And that’s not all,” Morrissey writes. “Andy McCarthy noted last night with amazement at NRO that the Washington Post has taken a sudden interest in dot-connecting in the Biden Inc scandals. Their 4000-word deep dive into Biden family corruption ties comes at a time when both the media and the bureaucratic state seem suddenly animated when it comes to the Bidens, but the Post’s sharp turn is especially ominous for Old Joe.”

McCarthy believes “Sunday’s eye-popping 4,000-word Washington Post report on Biden corruption ties is, to my mind, more indication that a serious move is under way within the top ranks of the Democratic Party establishment to nudge President Joe Biden into bowing out of the 2024 presidential race.”

Maybe, maybe not. But as President Biden’s disintegrates physically and mentally before our very eyes, the pressure on him not to run for a second term will just grow and grow.

The problem for Democrats is that Biden gives no sign he has, is, or ever will contemplate stepping down.

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