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“Kentucky Lawsuit Seeking Abortion Rights Withdrawn: A Call for Continued Vigilance”

by | Dec 28, 2023

Editor’s note. This appeared December 18th on the blog of Kentucky Right to Life.

In the midst of this joyous Christmas season, marked by festive and faith carols filling the airwaves, throughout the day yesterday the word “rejoice” resonated in my heart and thoughts. I even wrote the word in my prayer journal to reflect more on the deeper meaning of “rejoice.”  However, the cause of this sentiment took an unexpected turn with the news of the withdrawal of a significant lawsuit demanding the right to abortion in Kentucky.

Late last night, the Attorneys General’s office conveyed that the Motion Hearing scheduled for this morning in Jefferson County had been canceled, and the case was voluntarily withdrawn. This legal battle, initiated on December 8th, involved a plaintiff known as Jane Doe, who sought class-action status for fellow Kentuckians desiring abortion rights.

The lawsuit, titled Jane Doe, et al. v. Daniel Cameron, et al., represented by attorneys from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, faced a pivotal moment last week when it was revealed that the plaintiff’s embryo no longer exhibited cardiac activity, prompting a reassessment of the case.

Although we express gratitude for the withdrawal of the current lawsuit, it is imperative to acknowledge that the issue at hand persists. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood, undeterred, signal their intent to continue challenging Kentucky’s near-total abortion ban.

In a media statement last week, Jane Doe’s attorneys urged other pregnant women in Kentucky seeking abortion rights to join the cause. The lawsuit asserted that Kentucky’s protective laws for innocent lives of the unborn child encroaches upon the plaintiff’s rights to privacy and self-determination.

While we navigate the withdrawal of this case, the specter of future legal challenges looms. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood vow to persist in their pursuit, emphasizing the need for another Kentucky Jane Doe.

I urge our Prolife Friends across Kentucky, and ask for your continued prayers, recognizing that the abortion industry remains active and resolute. 

As we embrace the Advent season, let us keep Kentucky’s most recent Jane Doe, along with the heartbreaking loss of her child, in our thoughts and prayers. May we extend our compassion and prayers to all expectant mothers as prepare to celebrate Christmas and the coming of the Christ Child. 


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