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Kentucky pro-abortion Governor says he wants lawmakers to be “empathetic” on “controversial issues like abortion”

by | Dec 28, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

When I read a December 20 interview pro-abortion Gov. Andy Beshear gave to Kentucky Health News, I was reminded once again how much the cause of life was set back when the incumbent defeated pro-life Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

In a headline only a pro-abortionist would accept at face value, Melissa Patrick’s story was titled, “Beshear wants lawmakers to be empathetic on controversial issues like abortion”.

In his four years as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Cameron took every opportunity to defend Kentucky’s staunchly pro-life legislature. During the campaign, Cameron reminded the electorate what he had done on behalf of life just in the last year.

“Every life is worth protecting, and I will continue to be a voice for mothers, families, and unborn babies throughout our Commonwealth,” he said. “My office has spent the last year vigorously defending our state’s pro-life legislation at every level of the judicial system. Despite baseless legal challenges by abortion activists, the right to life is winning in Kentucky. I look forward to a future that prioritizes real life-affirming options and support for everyone who needs them.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Beshear did everything in his power to derail the legislature’s full-throttled pro-life campaign.

Beshear, the son of former Governor Steve Beshear, narrowly won the gubernatorial race in 2019 unseating pro-life incumbent Governor Matt Bevin (R) by just over 5,000 votes. Beshear was endorsed by pro-abortion lobby groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America and the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics. Their support came as no surprise. Throughout his term as governor and previously while serving as the state’s attorney general, Beshear has opposed key measures to protect unborn children and their mothers.

So with this as a track record, what’s does Beshear’s call for “empathy” on “controversial issues like abortion” mean?

It comes at the very end of the interview:

When it comes to controversial health issues, like “red-flag” laws or abortion, Beshear said it’s important to approach these topics from a place of “basic human empathy” where people can find common ground.

“Common ground” implies there is some pro-life legislation Beshear would agree to, right? But his record is consistent. While he talks about some hypothetical restrictions he might support, meanwhile he has opposed everything the legislature has passed.

And, one might ask, how can a refusal to answer the fundamental question of how far into a pregnancy does his support for abortion go be an expression of “basic human empathy”?

Alas, Kentucky is stuck with Beshear for four more years.

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