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Little Indi’s funeral draws tributes for this “beautiful warrior”

by | Dec 4, 2023

British courts and the hospital insisted any further care was “futile.” Parents disagreed

By Dave Andrusko

The father of little Indi Gregory paid a beautiful tribute to his “beautiful warrior” at her funeral on Friday. The baby’s passing came after her desperate parents were unsuccessful in their frantic efforts to convince Queen’s Medical Centre hospital and the legal system to allow them to move Indi to Italy for further specialized treatment–and, to compound the tragedy, they refused to allow them to take Indi home to die.

Born on February 24, Indi, who was eight-months-old, had a rare metabolic disorder known as mitochondrial disease.

The BBC reported that

More than 100 people, including a delegation from the Italian government, including Minister of Families Eugenia Roccella and Minister of Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli, gathered inside Nottingham Cathedral for the service.

Inside the cathedral, a tribute read out by Canon Paul Newman on behalf of Mr. Gregory, said: “I honestly and truly feel, deep in my heart, that Indi was not only beautiful, strong and unique. I just knew, from the start, she was very special.

“Nonetheless, I could never have imagined the sort of journey we and Indi would have to go through to fight for her life.

“She didn’t only have to battle against her health problems, she had to battle against a system that makes it almost impossible to win.

“Yet, it was her weakest point, her health problems, that distinguished Indi as a true warrior.

“Indi overcame so much: she had seizures, two operations, sepsis, e-coli, including other infections, that even another child would struggle to beat.”

Rahmah Ghazali reported

The grieving parents have vowed to make sure their daughter is “remembered forever”. Mr. Gregory’s tribute added: “I have now reached the conclusion that this was indeed Indi’s destiny … but now this chapter of Indi’s destiny is over.”

In an extraordinary move, the Italian government “had solicited permission for her to be treated at Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome. Italian officials even granted citizenship to the baby amid the legal battle over her health care,” Sylvia Hui reported for the Associated Press.

In a statement posted X (formerly Twitter) after Indi’s death,

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said, “We did everything we could, everything possible. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Have a safe trip little Indi.”

Before the  service led by the Bishop of Nottingham, “Indi’s white coffin, adorned with pink and white flowers, was carried through the city’s streets in a horse-drawn, carriage,” according to Rahmah Ghazali. “A procession of eight Rolls-Royce cars transported Indi’s family behind the carriage.”

Indi’s case “is the latest high-profile end-of-life hearing to reach the Royal Courts of Justice, following similarly fraught battles over the treatment of children including Archie BattersbeeCharlie GardAlfie EvansIsaiah HaastrupTafida Raqeeb and Alta Fixsler,” The Guardian reported.

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