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Looking toward a second term, can Biden’s job approval numbers get much lower and still expect to win?

by | Dec 6, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Want more evidence of pro-abortion President Joe Biden’s faltering job approval numbers? Try this. His race to the bottom is characterized by one poll after another showing him dropping to “x” percent followed inexorably by other polling services coming to the exact same gloomy [for Democrats] conclusion. Let’s see what the numbers tell us.

Gallup’s latest survey finds President Biden at 37%, according toMegan Brenan. CNN has the same number, with Biden “dropping to 37 percent, a signal that the president’s favor is further eroding as he campaigns for another term in 2024,” Julia Mueller reports.  Both are the lowest job approval numbers ever.

Yesterday we discussed the results of a Messenger/Harris poll conducted by HarrisX, which found that “President Biden’s job approval ratings declined from 39% in November to 33% in early December, marking a new 35-month low. That is the key finding of a TIPP Poll conducted among 1,464 adults and completed on Friday.’”

Will Gallup and CNN (and others such as the networks) now downshift and follow Messenger/Harris poll in the same downward spiral? Does seem quite likely, although we must bear in mind that there is an absolute bottom-line figure for those who will vote for any Democrat, regardless.

 “Nearly two-thirds, or 63 percent, now say they disapprove of Biden.” [Emphasis added.]

I hadn’t thought of this but somehow that 2/3rds figure struck me as particularly ominous for the President.

Some findings..

  • “Just 35 percent in the latest results said they approve of the way Biden is helping the middle class.’” 
  • Just a third of voters in the new poll said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, down three points from October, while 67 percent disapprove.” 
  • “Roughly seven in 10 respondents said they would rate the country’s current economic conditions as poor — though that figure is down a few points from July. About four in 10 say they’re worried the cost of living ‘will climb so high that they will be unable to remain in their community.’”

Mueller ends

The president and his 2024 campaign team have been touting “Bidenomics” and his administration’s record along the campaign trail, though some in the party have urged him to recalibrate in response to some signals from some of the numbers.

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