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Polls say that President Biden is losing support at a faster clip among people of color than any other demographic

by | Dec 1, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

All this week and, for that matter, the last few weeks, we’ve been following the decline—precipitous decline in some cases —in public support for pro-abortion President Joe Biden. Overall his approval numbers hover around 40% with Gallup’s Megans Brenan writing that “President Joe Biden’s job approval rating remains at 37%, tying his personal low, with disapproval at 59%.”

She adds “Approval ratings of the president’s handling of healthcare (40%) and the situation in Ukraine (38%) are similar to his overall rating, while fewer, 32% each, approve of his handling of the economy, foreign affairs, and the situation between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

But Leah Askarinam, Holly Fuong, and Mary Radcliffe have even gloomier news: “His numbers among Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans have reached a new low.”

They start their analysis with this insight:

President Joe Biden is struggling in the polls one year before voters will decide whether to give him a second term in the Oval Office. And it’s the Americans who were most supportive of him at the beginning of his term that have turned on the president the most.

Their narrative, broadly speaking, is of a President whose approval was high during the “honeymoon period” (that virtually all presidents not named Donald Trump experience] followed by a large drop, followed by a small recovery, ended up with the conclusion that “by this summer, it had started to sag again.”

But Askarinam Fuong, and  Radcliffe ask the question “with which demographic groups is Biden losing the most support?” Their conclusion?

We looked at the crosstabs of his approval polls to find out. Biden’s approval rating has consistently been highest among Black Americans and lowest among white Americans. But while white Americans have been lukewarm about Biden for a majority of his administration, the president is losing support at a faster clip among people of color. That’s consistent with what other sources have found: The latest New York Times/Siena College polling found signs that Biden was losing ground among Black voters. And Democrats have been warning about signs of Latino voters turning toward the GOP for years.

Among Black American, Biden started his presidency with an 86 percent average approval rating, “higher than any other racial group.” It dropped as low as 63 percent in July 2022 —a whopping decline of 23 percentage point—and then rallied a bit. “But since early 2023, it has dropped again to 60 percent, the lowest his approval rating has ever been among Black Americans during his presidency.”

Among Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and Hispanics/Latinos Biden’s approval numbers “followed the same general trajectory as his approval rating among Black voters, although he started from a lower peak.”

“Among Hispanics and Latinos, Biden entered the White House with an approval rating of over 70 percent. That number declined through the rest of 2021 and through early summer of 2022, when it plateaued in the mid-40s, but it began declining again in spring 2023. Today, Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics and Latinos remains on the decline, inching closer and closer to 40 percent, which would be an all-time low.

Of course, the usual caveat must be acknowledged. We are still eleven months away from the 2024 election. Things could, of course, change but Father Time always eventually wins out.

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