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by | Dec 5, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

I hope you’ve already had an opportunity to read some of the December issue of NRL News, “the pro-life newspaper of record.” Even more than usual, this edition truly does have something for everyone.

Two lovely, inspirational stories are the first things you’ll see on page one. Our lead story, “Renewing our culture one heart and one life at a time,” is written by the prolific Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. The second is written by Laura Echevarria, Director of Communications and Press Secretary. It’s a wonderful account about their son.

As always Carol Tobias, NRL President, has written a story that reminds you why you are a member of the greatest movement for justice of our time. Jacki Ragan, the director of State Organizational Development Department, asks (and offers her answer to) “Being Pro-Life…what does it mean to you?”

The December edition has numerous stories related to Christmas. There’s my editorial—“Do You See What I See?”—a fine account by Mike Fichter, President and CEO, Indiana Right to Life, as well as Mrs. Gallagher’s and Mrs. Tobias’s superb stories.

There are stories about the defeat in Ohio and stories by David N. O’Steen, formerly the Executive Director of NRLC, and Tony Lauinger, state Chairman, Oklahomans For Life, offering insights about it happened and what we can do much better going forward.

There is the lengthy account of the latest abortion numbers produced by the CDC, attacks on the saintly Pregnancy Help Centers, and in-depth analyses on important court cases.

There’s much which we’ll talk about in the days to come. In the meanwhile I hope you dig deeply into the December edition of NRL News.

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