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2023: The Top Twenty NRL News Today Stories  

by | Dec 28, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Each year as we approach the end of the calendar year we list the best received, most popular NRL News Today stories of the previous twelve months.

There is no magic to choosing 20—we talked about 24 last year–but 20 it is. So what was it our readers were especially attuned to?

Not surprising, people were keenly interested in the “abortion pill”—the two drug chemical formula that now is responsible for over half of all the abortions performed in the United. Next year, the Supreme Court will hear the challenge of the pro-abortion Biden administration to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which sharply cut back access to the drug which was far more unsafe to women than its proponents insisted it was.

Six stories were about the abortion pill, which included accounts of Abortion Pill Reversal which is credited with saving over 4,000 babies!

As always NRL News Today carried multiple stories that conclusively demonstrated the humanness of the littlest Americans. And readers loved accounts of the tenderness of adoptions including a NICU nurse who adopted a mom and her triplets!

There are many other areas, including, of course, the Biden administration’s monomaniacal efforts to increase the number of dead babies.

I hope you like this rehash of the stories our audience liked best. I also hope you read these stories the first time round and will take the time to read them again. If you didn’t have the chance, be sure to read 2023 Top Twenty stories from NRL News Today.

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