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ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Virginia State Senator & Delegate to Oppose the Abortion-until-Birth Constitutional Amendment Today!

by | Jan 10, 2024

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life [VSHL]

The General Assembly 2024 Session is starting. It’s time to make it clear to every member of the new General Assembly that we the people of Virginia oppose the radical “Abortion-until-Birth” amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

We do not support the agenda of pro-abortion groups who profit from abortions on unborn babies who can feel pain, have beating hearts, and are unique and irreplaceable members of the human family.

We oppose the Abortion-until-Birth Constitutional Amendment because we know that abortion hurts women too. It leaves emotional and often physical scars that last the rest of their lives.  Abortion always has two victims, a mother and a baby, and we want in the future to be able to pass pro-life laws that will protect both of them.

This amendment will prevent that.

Use the VSHL Legislative Action Center to send your message to your Delegate and Senator opposing the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment.  Just click on the link or button fill in your contact information and the Action Center will send your message to YOUR Delegate and State Senator.

Let’s flood the offices of the newly elected General Assembly members. We will not forget how they vote on this one!


Your members of the General Assembly need to hear from you today.

Tell them to oppose the “Abortion-until-Birth Amendment”.  Protect unborn babies and their mothers from the abortion lobby’s agenda.

Yours for Life,
Olivia Gans Turner

P.S.  We only need to have one pro-abortion legislator think this Amendment is too extreme for them to defeat the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment this year.  Use the VSHL Legislative Action Center today and send a message to your legislators!


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