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ACTION ALERT: The Virginia Senate will be Voting on the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment Soon!

by | Jan 17, 2024

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

As expected, pro-abortion forces are moving rapidly to pass the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.  A Senate committee vote is scheduled for this week on the Amendment.  A vote could come to the floor of the Senate as soon as Thursday. 

Please use the VSHL Legislative Action Center to tell your Senator you oppose this radical Amendment.  It is vital that your elected officials here directly from YOU that you want them to VOTE NO on this extreme Amendment.

Just click on the link, enter your address to have the system identify your legislators and then fill in your contact information.  Then you can send the pre-written message to your Senator and Delegate as is.  If you want, you can add your personal reasons why you oppose the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment.

Please, I urge you to act today.

There are a lot of new legislators and we need to make sure they understand Virginians do not support this radical amendment.

Your members of the General Assembly need to hear from you today [].

Tell them to oppose the “Abortion-until-Birth Amendment”.  Protect unborn babies and their mothers from the abortion lobby’s agenda.

Yours for Life.

P.S.  We only need to have one pro-abortion legislator think this Amendment is too extreme for them to defeat the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment this year.  Use the VSHL Legislative Action Center today and send a message to your legislators!

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