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Check your in-box. January NRL News is there waiting for you

by | Jan 9, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

If you’ve had a chance to read some of your email, you may well have come across the January issue of NRL News. We sent the 41-page edition out this morning. I hope you’ll read it stem to stern. It’s a very good issue.

We start out with a terrific, in-depth overview of what took place in 2023 and what we can expect from Congress in 2024. “2023 Year in Review: Federal Government and Abortion” will bring you up to speed on the challenges we face in a presidential year.

Laura Echevarria wears two hats. She is NRLC Director of Communications and Press Secretary. This past week has been loaded with personal challenges for her. The title of her post gives you an idea of what she has gone through and the lessons to be drawn from it: “My husband and my father were both admitted to the hospital for different life-threatening medical conditions. The difference in care they received is a contrast in attitudes toward ability and age” is must reading.

NRL President Carol Tobias, as always, is both educational and inspirational. “The calendar year has changed,” she writes “but our efforts to save preborn babies and help their moms will go on unfailingly, just as they have year after year for many years.”

As we will for the next 11 months, the January issue recorded the latest anti-life onslaught from pro-abortion President Joe Biden. We have stories about President Biden on pages 2, 6-7, 27, and 31-33.

With approval rating ranging from the mid 30s to the very low 40s , it guarantees that his assaults on former President Trump, which have already hit the gutter, will continue their drive to the bottom unabated.

For example, “Biden is trying to motivate voters through fear of a second term under former President Donald Trump,” The Philadelphia Inquirer writes. The Trump-loathing CNN tells us “Biden makes impassioned argument Trump could destroy American democracy as he opens 2024 campaign.” CBS News chimes in “Biden courts critical Black voters in South Carolina, decrying white supremacy.”

There are many stories in this issue about Pregnancy Help Centers, those saintly women who reach out with helping hands to girls and women facing difficult pregnancies. You can read about PHCs on pages 2, 12-13, and 25. On page 5, Maria Gallagher has a lovely account of how “Maternity Home Provides an Oasis of Caring for Pregnant Women in Challenging Circumstances.”

There are many other stories, including about Planned Parenthood and their pro-death ilk, assisted suicide, and science run amuck. We’ll talk about these and more over the next few day.

I hope you enjoy the issue. I know I did putting it together.

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