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Eagle Scout Dedicates Project to Celebrate Preemie Babies

by | Jan 9, 2024

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

15-year-old Aiden McKechnie was born at just 23 weeks, weighing 1lb 7 oz.

McKechnie spent 137 days in the NICU, which helped make him into the healthy teen he is today. Now, Aiden is on a mission to support babies who were also born prematurely.

McKechnie dedicated his Eagle Scout project to help families celebrate milestones and create memories for their premature babies.

The teen raised money to make personalized boards for families whose babies graduate from the NICU at Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs where he was born.

When a baby is ready to go home from the NICU, the proud parents can take a picture with Aiden’s boards and write down the child’s name, size and weight at birth, and size and weight on the day he/she graduates from the NICU.

Aiden reflected, “Knowing that I was born early and lucky to be alive is a blessing to me and my family.”

He said that he wants other families to “have a good life with their child, and to stand and take a picture knowing that they’re going to be okay from here on out.”

Some hospital staff who cared for Aiden 15 years ago still work at Children’s Hospital and now take part in his remarkable achievements.

Sharon Enoch, NICU Educator, shared the excitement, stating, “He not only does well, he exceeds in every aspect of his life. To see him go from just over a pound and born at 23 weeks to the amazing young man he’s become… it’s incredible.”

Aiden’s mother, Karla, echoed this sentiment. She marveled at the challenges and victories their family has experienced: “It’s just been a wonderful journey. Where he started, where he is now, where our family is now, and that we can look back and share a positive message with other families.”

Aiden’s story highlights a logical and moral contradiction for abortion supporters: A 23-week old baby who is born can receive top-notch care to save his life, but a 23-week old baby who is still in the womb can be legally killed.

Birth does not change the value or humanity of a child.

Statistics show that 190 babies in Colorado were aborted between 22-24 weeks’ gestation in 2022. Today, Colorado is among the most anti-Life states in the nation, with abortion legal until the moment of birth.

Successful treatment of premature babies proves that when society is committed to LIFE, we can find creative solutions to difficult circumstances.

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