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How do we communicate a message of life and hope in a society that treats both as expendable?

by | Jan 26, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

As I sat in our church social hall, I couldn’t help but feeling, “This could be the start of something big.”

A group of us had come together during Sanctity of Life Month to re-launch a pro-life ministry in our church community.

As I stated in my book, Mercy’s Power, “This is a critical time in the history of our world and of our faith—a time when advocates for life must be more persuasive and courageous than ever before.”

In the post-Roe era, we face daunting challenges. How do we communicate a message of life and hope in a society that treats both as expendable? How do we overcome the tremendous monetary advantage of the abortion industry as we attempt to rebuild a civilization of life and love?

Part of this starts in the pews. You can be of any faith, or no faith at all, and believe in the sanctity of human life. But churches remain at the forefront of caring for the most vulnerable among us. That is why church pro-life ministries are so important.

During this Sanctity of Life Month, there are many simple things your congregation can do to promote the gift of human life:

  • Hold a baby shower for a local pregnancy resource center. Chances are the center could really use the diapers, onesies, and infant formula you collect.
  • Schedule a prayer service for the restoration of the rights of preborn children and their mothers.
  • Host a speaker from a local National Right to Life chapter to educate and enlighten about the pro-life cause.
  • Hold a voter registration drive to ensure that church members are prepared to exercise their sacred right to vote.

I am certain you can come up with even more ideas. And the fact of the matter is that pro-life activity does not need to be relegated to one month a year. Each day of the church calendar is another reason to celebrate and honor life in all its glory!    

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