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Iowa Doctor Drives ATV to Deliver Baby Amid Snowstorm

by | Jan 24, 2024

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

Sub-zero temps and snowstorms brought Shenandoah, Iowa, to a standstill, but Dr. Chase Brown had an important appointment to make.

Krystal Gardner was due to have her baby and Dr. Brown had only one way to get to the hospital.

On January 12, Dr. Brown drove his four-wheeler through a snowstorm and arrived just in time to deliver a baby girl named Birkley.

“We had a baby being delivered this morning at 8am in the middle of a snowstorm. How did Dr. Chase Brown get here for this delivery!?!?! An ATV, of course,” the Shenandoah Medical Center posted on Facebook.

He cleared snow drifts by hitting them at 20 mph.

“Snow went everywhere, went flying in all directions,” Brown said. “But just keep going through to the next one.”

“We knew he was going to get there,” mother Krystal Gardner told local news. She also noted the dedication of the entire medical team, not just Brown. One commenter on the Shenandoah Medical Center Facebook page remarked, “I know at least one of the nurses stayed the night at the hospital so she’d be there for today’s shift.” Their dedication is truly a blessing.

According to the outlet, this is the third delivery Dr. Brown has traveled to on his ATV.

Dr. Brown joked, “Floods, rain, storms. Sure better than taking a horse into town, right?”

Baby Gardner was scheduled to be delivered by cesarean section because of pregnancy complications, which meant that she needed to undergo the procedure that day.

“I knew that it just needed to be done,” father Craig Gardner reflected. “That I’d do whatever it’d take to get her up to the hospital so we could have her.”

“It was just anxiety until we got here and started seeing everybody come in,” added Krystal, “It was just one relief after another relief through the whole morning.”

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